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Better Choice if You Have Severe Allergies, Asthma or Pets

Filters All That MERV 8 Does &:

  • Pet Dander

  • Sneeze Particles

  • Cough Particles

  • Some Bacteria & Virus

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For Homes With Newer or High Flow Furnace HVAC Systems

Filters All That MERV 11 Does &:

  • Some Smog

  • Exhaust Particles

  • Many PM 2.5 Particles

  • Some Microfine Particles

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Air Filters

Breathe in, breathe out – it’s something we do every day without even thinking twice. Did you know the air you’re breathing right now can impact your health? Especially if the air inside your home is filled with harmful pollutants.

Airspire furnace filters clean the air in your home. Our air filters are Made in America with quality materials. We use the MERV rating filtration system for all our furnace air filters. We go the extra mile to ensure you and your family can breathe easy and enjoy pure, fresh air all year round and we do it for less than the competition!

Absolutely nothing is easier than having your furnace filters delivered to your home by Amazon. Except an Airspire air filter subscription service from Amazon (Subscribe & Save)!

Did you know depending on the region you’re from, it’s known as an air filter, furnace filter, air conditioner filter, AC filter or HVAC filter? No matter what you call it, because our filters are made to handle any environment, they are literally all the same exact Airspire product- a filter for your home heating and cooling system.

Let’s take a closer look at Airspire air filters and why an Airspire should be your next filter buy!

Rigid Double-Sided Cardboard Frame

Heavy duty cardboard frame that wraps around the entire filter on BOTH sides!


30-gauge METAL reinforcement so the pleats won't buckle.

MERV Media

Quality MERV Rated filtration media won't wear premature.

Air Filters Made Better for Your Family!

Air filters

Introducing Airspire Furnace Filters

Airspire furnace air filters are designed to provide high-quality air filtration for your home. Our air filters for home use are available in a variety of sizes to fit your furnace, air conditioner or vent perfectly. This direct fit sizing ensures maximum efficiency and keeps energy costs down. With their sleek design, our Airspire furnace filters help you save money while providing superior air filtration.

Airspire- Your Air Filter Home for Quality HVAC Filters

Airspire air filters are proudly made in America. Our HVAC replacement air filters are made with quality materials and are built to last. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring they continue to provide optimal air filtration all year round in your home or business.

The American Made an Air Filter Company

When we started, we were inspired to build the best furnace filter at a price everyone can afford. We wanted to disrupt the industry while streamlining the consumer experience during their filter buy. Quickly we realized, having air filters delivered from Amazon would be the simplest for customers. That in of itself wasn’t enough.

We know the importance of buying an American made product in this day and age. As the global supply chain is currently broken and fragmented, the American supply chain is strong, streamlined and thriving!

Producing our furnace filters in America with 100% American sourced components means there’s no delays. It also means we can produce a higher quality product without running out of inventory. Which in turn, keeps our staff working fulltime versus parttime. Enabling us to produce more filters at scale, which drives our cost down and we pass that savings along to you!

Airspire – American Quality. Exceptional Filtration. Low Prices.

A Cleaner Home with the Best Filter

Did you know, the average American home contains harmful pollutants, such as allergens, dust, and mold spores? It’s true and these pollutants can cause allergies, respiratory problems, and/or other health issues. Airspire furnace filters reduce these pollutants, allowing you to breathe cleaner, fresher air in your home. 

Protect Your Home from Harmful Pollutants

Airspire furnace filters don’t just protect your air – they also protect your home’s HVAC system. By filtering out harmful pollutants, our filters help prevent damage to your HVAC system caused by leaking or clogged filters. Yes, our air conditioner filter can save you money in repair and maintenance costs down the road as well!

A Filter that Goes the Extra Mile

Airspire furnace filters are not your average furnace filter buy. Our MERV rating developed filters includes a 30-gauge mesh metal frame that keeps the filter in place and a wraparound frame prevents air from leaking around the edges. This means our air filters are able to capture more pollutants than traditional furnace filters, ensuring your air is as clean as possible. Not only that, but Airspire even makes it easy to shop for discount filters. Plus, nothing beats having your air filters delivered from Amazon for your next filter buy!

Remember Airspire replacement air filters on your next filter buy to have your air filters delivered
air filter home best furnace filter pets

Best Filter for Pets

We truly believe Airspire brand makes the best filter for homes with pets. If you have pets (or even if not) our MERV 11 and MERV 13 filters are the best filters for home use. We can say these are the best ac air filters to buy for a number of reasons. Here’s a few of them below.

An Airspire air conditioner filter is designed to significantly reduce airborne pollutants such as dust and pollen, as well as eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air. The MERV 11 furnace filter and MERV 13 furnace filter also greatly reduce pet dander. Our air conditioner filter removes these particles at a high efficiency rate (MERV rating), reducing the number of airborne particles in your homes air. We also do it at a price less than the competitions air conditioner filters, while making it more convenient by having your air filters delivered!

MERV 11 Means Cleaner Air for Your Family and Pets

Our MERV 11 are replacement air filters can fit most HVAC systems in American homes today. While not all homes can use a MERV 13 air conditioner filter (due to airflow restriction), most homes in America can use a MERV 11 without worry of damage to their AC / Heating system.

Merv 11 is one of the higher MERV ratings for replacement air filters. These are designed to be used in residential and commercial HVAC air systems. It’s an ideal filter for pet owners because it’s designed to capture small particles, including pet hair and fur, which can help to reduce pet allergies in the home. In addition, our Merv 11 furnace filters are designed to capture dust, pollen, and mold spores, which are common triggers of pet allergies. 

You Only Change Our AC Filter 4 Times a Year!

Yes, they are designed to be highly effective and durable, but one of the best parts about Airspire Merv 11 AC filters is they need to be replaced less often.  All Airspire Merv 11 furnace filters, have a much longer lifespan compared to fiberglass filters and only need replacing once every 90 days on average!

Built to Last Longer

Our Airspire ac filter is made with a pleated media design and constructed with a rigid food grade beverage board frame that won’t easily bend or tear. Plus, reinforced with metal wire. This helps to ensure that pet owners will get the most out of their filter’s life span.

This pleated filter design means pet owners will not have to change their filters as often, which reduces both the work and the expense associated with filter replacements.

Additionally, our pleated Merv 11 furnace filters are designed to continually capture and remove pet hair, fur, dander, and other small particles from the air in the home. The pleats make it last longer!

A pleated filter helps to improve the overall air quality by reducing the number of pollutants that can cause human or pet allergies. This continual removal of pet allergens also helps to keep the air in the home free from contamination and reduces the chances of any health issues arising due to airborne allergens. It’s why we use a pleated design on our replacement air filters for home use.

Air Filters for Home, But Wait, There’s More

Finally, Airspire Merv 11 air conditioner filters are pleated air filters and made with a media that helps to stop pet allergens in the filter, making them easier to capture and remove from the air. This helps to reduce the amount of pet allergens in the air, improving air quality and ultimately reducing any pet allergies in the home.

Airspire Merv 11 furnace filters are considered by many to be the best air filter available for pet owners. Our highly effective replacement furnace filter design is meant to capture and remove pet allergens from the air, helping to reduce the chances of any pet allergies from occurring.

air conditioner filter

They are also built with the durability needed to handle an increased use with the pet’s environment, making sure that the furnace filters reach their peak performance level and last for an extended period of time.

For these reasons and more, our Airspire Merv 11 AC filters are an ideal choice for pet owners who are looking for the best filter for home or business use. Make Airspire your air filter home and give our furnace filters a try, then you’ll understand why we’re the best air filter for homes and why we have so many top rated reviews!

Air Filters for home

Airspire Filters Are Easy to Install

Airspire AC filters are easy to install and require no tools. With our simple replacement air filter design, you simply slide the air filters for home into place, and it’s ready to go. Once installed, our Airspire air filters can last up to three months, ensuring you don’t have to replace them as frequently as other filters.

MERV Rating for Maximum Filtration

Airspire replacement air filters are designed with advanced filtration technology. Even our basic MERV 8 filters capture many airborne pollutants, including pollen and mold spores down to 3 microns. With Airspire air filters, you can rest assured that you’re breathing in the cleanest air possible. Airspire makes the best furnace filters. Period.

Enjoy Pure, Fresh Air ALL Year Round

With Airspire furnace filters, you can enjoy pure, fresh air all year round. Our filters provide superior air filtration, reducing harmful pollutants and ensuring optimal air quality in your home. With their energy-saving design and long-lasting effects, Airspire air filters are a must-have for any homeowner looking to breathe easy and save money. When it’s time for your next home air filter replacement and filter buy, buy furnace filters from real experts. Buy filters from Airspire!

Then say goodbye to dirty indoor air and hello to cleaner, fresh air with an Airspire air conditioner filter. Made in America with a pleated design that uses the MERV rating system with premium filtration media, our discount filters provide superior air filtration, protect your home’s HVAC system, and save you money. Our AC filters are easy to install and provide better filtration than fiberglass filters. Try Airspire air filters for home use today and breathe easy all year round.

Our furnace filters are designed to be more resistant to clogging than fiberglass, which means they will last longer and provide better air purification.

Ready for Your Next Furnace Filter Buy?

Now that you read why we’re the best filter to buy, when you’re ready for your next filter buy, we’re just a click or tap away on Amazon! We believe our Airspire brand not only makes discount furnace filters, but we’re also the best filter money can buy. Treat yourself to the best air filters for home use, fast, while saving money!

Airspire air filters are currently sold exclusively on Amazon. Nothing is easier than having your Airspire air filters delivered by Amazon! So, when you’re searching for air filters on Amazon during your next filter buy – be inspired to breathe cleaner air. Aspire to save more money. Buy the best filter buy Airspire and make us your air filter home.

Air Filter FAQ’s

Why Buy an Airspire Replacement Air Filter?

American made. Cheaper prices. Quality pleated MERV filtration media. Heavy duty food grade beverage board on BOTH sides of the filter. Amazon Prime shipping. Customer service that is helpful and attentive. Why would you not make us your air filter home and purchase an Airspire furnace air filter?

What Type of Furnace Filter Should I Use?

The type of furnace filters you should use depends on the size of your furnace and the type of heating and cooling system in your home. There are 3 main filter MERV levels that are produced today. MERV 8, MERV 11 and MERV 13. You can read more about selecting the right MERV for your Home here. The main thing is to try an Airspire filter!

What’s the difference between a furnace filter and an air filter?

If buying an Airspire brand filter, then nothing. You can use them in either. Some filters are better for heat and developed just for furnaces. This is because many manufacturers sell a dedicated filter just for your furnace that withstands heat more and allows them to use a cheaper filter media and frame for your AC. Airspire uses premium media and frames that can withstand heat and humidity! It’s one reason why we make the best furnace filters.

If you make Airspire your next filter buy, you can use it as your AC filter, air conditioner filter, furnace filter or air filter. There any many different terms used regionally throughout the United States that these filters are known by, but these are all the same filter if you buy an Airspire.

Whatever you want to call it, we want to be your air filter home online and provide you with the best furnace filters.

How often to change air filter?

How often should you change your air filter in your home or office? If using a basic fiberglass filter, it is suggested to change the air filter every 30 days. A filter that has a filter MERV rating of 8 or more made with a pleated filter media traps more stuff. A filter like an Airspire pleated filter! For these types we recommended changing your filter every 90 days.

This is why we only offer 4 packs of our pleated filters. It’s a 1-year supply and keeps it simple! It’s also the reason we only sell on Amazon. Amazon makes it easy for you to use Amazon subscribe and save on Airspire furnace filters by having your air filters delivered!

What are 3 different types of air filters?

There are three different types of air filters. Fiberglass, reusable and pleated.

Fiberglass furnace filters are a lower MERV rating filter, they do not filter down as well as pleated filters and they need to be replaced more frequently. These fiberglass filters tend to be the cheapest solution (until we launched Airspire) in the short term but can cause damage to you HVAC system because they allow a lot of dust to bypass the filter. We don’t recommend these furnace filters.

Metal furnace filters can be washed or vacuumed and reused. These reusable furnace filters can recirculate dust in your home when cleaning and are messy. While they last longer, they need to be cleaned every 30 days. They also tend to be more expensive and don’t filter as well as they wear. We don’t recommend these furnace filters.

Pleated furnace filters are the best solution as they are disposable, only require changing four times a year, trap more dirt and debris as they have a higher filter MERV rating, protect your HVAC system, and thanks to Airspire they are an affordable option. One more reason why we should be your air filter home!

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive air filters?

Yes, using a cheap fiberglass filter means you’ll need to change your air filter more frequently. They leak dust and debris, don’t filter as well, and can damage your HVAC system!

This is why a premium pleated air filter like Airspire is the best option. That said, there’s also a price difference between a cheap air filter made of fiberglass and a pleated air filter. This is why we launched Airspire. We were inspired to build quality furnace filters that use MERV rated pleated media and that everyone can afford.

How do I know what air filter to buy?

There are 3 steps to buying the proper air filter. Find the correct size, select the MERV rating you want, and order an Airspire air filter on Amazon.

To find the correct size, look at your old air filter. You should see the nominal / claimed size marked on the filter. You can order this way.

Does it matter which air filter I buy?

Yes, the kind of air filter you buy matters. Different types of air filters offer different levels of filtration and have different benefits. Some air filters like MERV 8 are better for capturing dust and other particles, while others like MERV 11 and MERV 13 can help reduce allergens and retain some odors. Different air filters are designed to serve different purposes, and it’s important to choose the right type for your specific needs. Should you have any questions which is right for you, please contact us, we are happy to help with your next filter buy.

Are cheap air filters any good?

Yes, if they are pleated air filters that are using the MERV rating of 8 or more from the brand Airspire, who makes your next filter buy easy by having your air filters delivered!

Which air filter is best for my home?

Depends on your situation. A MERV 8 is a good choice for most any home in America today. If you have allergies or pets than a MERV 11 or MERV 13 is a good option. Please note, not all HVAC systems can use a MERV 13.

We want to be your air filter home and we’re happy to help you decide which air filter is best for your home should you have any questions before your next filter buy, contact us!

When to change the air filter in your house?

Airspire replacement air filters only need replacing 4 times a year, so every 90 days. It’s why we only offer 4-packs of our filters, and we make your next filter buy easy as you can have your air filters delivered by Amazon!

How do I know what air filter to purchase?

Our Airspire website is filled with information about which air filter is right for you. A MERV 8 or MERV 11 are excellent pleated air filters for most homes. Should you have any questions, please contact us before your next filter buy.

What is a HVAC filter? What kind of air filters are best?

An HVAC filter is a filter that fits your Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It is suggested to use a MERV 8-13 pleated air filter versus a cheap fiberglass filter in HVAC systems.

How Much do Replacement Air Filters Cost?

Airspire filters that are MERV 8 are the cheapest air filter we suggest and depending on your size can be as low as $7.00 each.

What is MERV?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which is a measurement of a filter’s ability to remove airborne particles from the air.

How Are MERV Ratings Determined?

MERV ratings are determined by the filter’s ability to remove particles from the air and are calculated by measuring the percentage of particles that are not allowed to pass through the filter.

Are Furnace Filters Washable?

No, our pleated MERV 8-13 rating furnace filters are not washable. Only a reusable fiberglass furnace filter is washable. It’s important to note the low MERV ratings on fiberglass filters and that they can leak dirt and remain wet after washing, which could cause damage to your HVAC system.

This is why it’s best to play it safe while keeping it simple for your next air filter buy and pick up the best filter – Airspire filters and have your air filters delivered by Amazon!

What is the Best Furnace Filter?

The best furnace filters are made by Airspire. Our air filters use the MERV rating system and high-quality materials made in America. Airspire makes your filter buying easy by having the air filters delivered. This is why we strongly believe we sell the best air filters for home use.

Best Air Filter for Home?

Airspire, Aprilaire, Honeywell and 3M Filtrete are all high-quality brands. We’re Airspire we make a solid third-party replacement filter and the best furnace filter brand in our opinion, but obviously we’re biased.

That said, we do recognize that these other brands as a high-quality manufacturer of excellent furnace filters. Yes, they are all a bit expensive, but good quality. We are not affiliated with any of these other manufacturers or brands but felt the need to mention them because they are good air filters and we’re honest. Plus, having the most buying options is also great thing for consumers, so we mention them.

*Trademarks mentioned above are property of their parent companies.

What Air Filter Size Do I Need?

If you’re replacing pleated furnace filters and can’t see the size markings on the frame or the fiberglass furnace filters without any markings, measure the filter with a tape measure to find the actual size.

It’s important to note that furnace filters are size much like lumber. Air filter sizes are like a 2×4. A 2×4 is actually 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″, filters for your home are the same.

Example: a 16″ x 25″ x 1″ furnace filter is actually 15.5″ x 24.5″ x .75″. If you measure your filter, be sure to add a 1/2″ to each side and 1/4″ to the thickness. To make it easier we also have listed the actual size on our furnace filter product pages.

The reason the industry does this is because the claimed size is the opening size on the furnace system.

To find the air filter ac MERV size for your furnace filters that’s right for your home, you use out MERV rating chart to select the rating that fits your needs.

How often to change furnace filter?

Since we make one of the best air filters for home usage you only have to change it every 90 days. Premium pleated furnace filters by Airspire are designed to be changed every 90 days or 4-times a year. It’s why we offer a 4-pack of our furnace filters for your next filter buy and why we only offer our replacement air filters delivered by Amazon!

What’s the right air filter replacement direction?

The air should pass thru your filter in the same direction that your air passes thru HVAC system. Look at the arrows on the filter.

Which direction does the air filter go?

The HVAC system filter arrow should align with the air flow of your HVAC system.

How much do Air Filters cost?

Airspire makes the cheapest air filters that are worth buying. While some fiberglass filters can cost as low as a few dollars each, a premium pleated filter from Airspire is only a few dollars more. Other premium brands can run up to $50 per filter or more!

Still Have Questions About Air Conditioner Filters?

We currently offer the following sizes of air conditioner filters:
16 x 20 x 1 air conditioner filter, 16 x 25 x 1 air conditioner filter, 20 x 20 x 1 air conditioner filter, and 20 x 25 x 1 air conditioner filter.

We also offer these MERV ratings of air conditioner filters:
MERV 8, MERV 11 and MERV 13.

Our air conditioner filter experts are here to help! Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions! 

You can check out our MERV rating chart, read through our website as we have written a lot about the MERV rating of air conditioner filters or visit the EPA website for more information about MERV ratings.