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Air Filter Home FAQ’s

Air Filter Home FAQ’s by Airspire Air Filters. Below we will cover some common FAQ’s about air filters for home use.

Airspire Air Filter Home Replacement FAQ’s

What’s the difference between a furnace filter and an air filter?

Air Filter Home – If buying an Airspire brand filter, then nothing. You can use them in either. Some filters are better for heat and developed just for furnaces. This is because many manufacturers sell a dedicated filter just for your furnace that withstands heat more and allows them to use a cheaper filter media and frame for your AC. Airspire uses premium media and frames that can withstand heat and humidity! It’s one reason why we make the best furnace filters.

If you make Airspire your next filter buy, you can use it as your AC filter, air conditioner filter, furnace filter or air filter. There any many different terms used regionally throughout the United States that these filters are known by, but these are all the same filter if you buy an Airspire.

Whatever you want to call it, just be sure to buy it from Airspire if you want the best furnace filters.

Does it Matter Which Brand I Buy of Air Filter Home Use?

Air Filter Home – Yes, the kind of air filter you buy matters. Different types of air filters offer different levels of filtration and have different benefits. Some air filters like MERV 8 are better for capturing dust and other particles, while others like MERV 11 and MERV 13 can help reduce allergens and retain some odors. Different air filters are designed to serve different purposes, and it’s important to choose the right type for your specific needs. Should you have any questions which is right for you, please contact us, we are happy to help with your next filter buy.

Are Cheap Air Filter Home Replacements Any Good?

Yes, if they are pleated air filters that have a MERV rating from Airspire.

Which Air Filter is Best for My Home?

Air Filter Home – Depends on your situation. A MERV 8 is a good choice for most any home in America today. If you have allergies or pets than a MERV 11 or MERV 13 is a good option.

Please be aware, not all HVAC systems can use a MERV 13. We can tell you the best air filters for home use are Airspire air filters!

What are the Most Popular Air Filter Features?

A pleated filter media that is MERV 8 or higher rated, reinforced with metal wire for rigidity, uses a thick high quality filter frame that’s humidity and heat resistant, and made by Airspire!

How Much do Air Filters Cost?

Airspire filters that are MERV 8 are the cheapest air filter we suggest and depending on your size can be as low as $7.00 each with an air filter subscription on Amazon subscribe and save.

Where Can I Read More About MERV Ratings?

You can read through our website as we have written a lot about MERV filters or visit the EPA website here.

What is MERV?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, which is a measurement of a filter’s ability to remove airborne particles from the air.

How Are MERV Ratings Determined?

MERV ratings are determined by the filter’s ability to remove particles from the air and are calculated by measuring the percentage of particles that are not allowed to pass through the filter.

Are Furnace Filters Washable?

No, our pleated MERV rated furnace filters are not a washable home air filter. Only a reusable fiberglass furnace filter is washable. It’s important to note the low MERV ratings on fiberglass filters and that they can leak dirt and remain wet after washing, which could cause damage to your HVAC system.

What is the Best Furnace Filter?

The best furnace filter is made by Airspire. Airspire air filters are MERV rated and use high quality materials made in America.

What is the Best Furnace Filter Brand?

Airspire, Aprilaire, Honeywell and 3M Filtrete are all high-quality brands. We’re Airspire and the best furnace filter brand in our opinion, but obviously we’re biased.

That said, we do recognize that these other brands as a high quality manufacturer of excellent furnace filters. Yes, they are all a bit expensive, but good quality. We are not affiliated with any of these other manufacturers or brands but felt the need to mention them because they are good air filters and we’re honest.

What Size Filter Do I Need?

Home air filter sizes vary greatly. If you’re replacing a pleated furnace filter and can’t see the size markings on the frame or a fiberglass filter without any markings, measure the filter with a tape measure to find the actual size.

It’s important to note that furnace filters are size much like lumber. In the way a 2×4 is actually 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″, filters for your home are the same.

Example: a 16″ x 25″ x 1″ furnace filter is actually 15.5″ x 24.5″ x .75″. If you measure your filter, be sure to add a 1/2″ to each side and 1/4″ to the thickness. To make it easier we also have listed the actual size on our furnace filter product pages.

The reason the industry does this is because the claimed size is the opening size on the furnace system.

To find the MERV air filter sizes for home that’s right for you, you use out MERV guide to select the rating that fits your needs.

How Often to Change Your Furnace Filter?

Airspire furnace filters are designed to be changed every 90 days or 4-times a year. It’s why we offer a 4-pack of our furnace filters for your next filter buy. We also make it easy by having your air filters delivered from Amazon!

Are Your Filters Okay for Business Use?

Air Filter Home – Yes, Airspire air filters are quality replacement air filters for home (residential), industrial and commercial HVAC systems that use the same filter size we manufacture.

How Important is Air Filtration in Our Home and Workplace?

Air Filter Home – Air filtration is important in our daily lives because it helps keep the air and we use breathe and free of contaminants. Filtration systems that use air filters, are designed to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the air breathe. These contaminants could include dust, pollen, bacteria, and other microorganisms that may cause health issues if consumed.

Air filtration also helps protect our indoor environment from other pollutants and substances that could be hazardous to humans or our pets. Furthermore, clean air filtration is essential for industrial processes, such as in manufacturing and food production, as it helps remove contaminants from production materials and products.

Air filtration is also important for medical purposes, such as the production of drugs and medical devices. By removing contaminants from the air around the final product, filtration helps ensure the safety of the public.

This is why all homes should use a high-quality pleated air filter with a MERV rating of 8-13, like Airspire.

How Can Dirty Air Filters in The Home Negatively Affect My Health?

Air Filter Home – Dirty air filters can have a significant and long-lasting impact on your health.

When air filters become dirty and leak, the air quality in the home begins to suffer, which could lead to issues such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Dirty air filters can clog up your HVAC system, causing it to work harder to reach the desired temperature or cause damage. As a result, you may see higher energy bills and reduced efficiency in the system.

Fortunately, switching to a high-performance air filter like Airspire can mitigate these negative impacts. Airspire air filters are designed to capture more dirt and allergens than traditional fiberglass air filters, drastically improving air quality and maintaining the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Installing Airspire air filters is the easiest way to protect yourself and your family from the negative impacts of dirty air filters. Make Airspire your air filter home today!

What Size Air Filter I Need for My House?

Air Filter Home – The size of the air filter you need for your HVAC system depends on the size of the HVAC unit and the type of filter you are replacing.

The size of the filter typically is listed on the old filter, or you can measure the width, length, and depth of the filter slot to get the exact dimensions. See our question above: What Size Filter Do I Need? to make sure you order the correct size during your next filter buy.

To ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently and effectively, it is important to choose the right size air filter. The Airspire brand air filters, offers different air filter sizes to fit a variety of HVAC system sizes, so you can be sure you are getting the right size filter for your homes system.

Airspire air filters are designed with your home’s air quality in mind, and our furnace filters are made with high quality materials in America to help improve the air quality in your home. It’s why should be your air filter home!

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality Caused by Smoking with an Air Filter?

Air Filter Home – Airspire air filters can help you reduce some indoor air pollutants from smoking, such as secondhand smoke and smoke particles.

Airspire air filters that are MERV 11 or MERV 13 are specifically designed to reduce, dust, pollen, and other airborne particles from indoor air such as smoke. They are also designed to reduce smoke odors, making your indoor air healthier and fresher.

Our air filters do NOT use activated carbon which is best to remove active smoke. Airspire air filters helps to reduce smoke particles as the electrostatic filter media helps capture larger particles like dust and pollen.

Regularly replacing your Airspire air filter every 90 days will help your indoor air remain fresh and clean, even if you are a smoker. It’s important to note that the only way to truly eliminate smoke is to stop it at the source and prevent it from happening.

By investing in Airspire air filters, you can keep your home’s air quality as healthy as possible without breaking the budget by buying a HEPA air purifier. It’s why so many use Airspire as their air filter home resource.

Can Air Conditioning in My Home Trigger Allergies?

Air Filter Home – Yes, air conditioning can trigger allergies. Allergens such as dust, pet dander, and pollen can become trapped in an air conditioning system, leading to an increase in allergy symptoms in the home.

Using cheap fiberglass air conditioning filters can worsen allergies as dust, pollen and other contaminants can leak and pass through the subpar fiberglass media.

To help keep your air conditioner free of allergens and improve air quality, consider investing in a pleated air filter such as Airspire. Airspire air filters are designed to reduce and capture some airborne particles; such as pollen, dust, and smoke, helping to reduce problems with allergies in your home.

Airspire air filters last three months, making them a great option for keeping your air conditioner free of allergens without the need for frequent replacements. One more reason why we should be your air filter home.

How Can I Improve My Home Indoor Air Quality with an Air Filter?

Air Filter Home – Improving your indoor air quality is important for your health, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Installing an Airspire air filter is a great way to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants and other particles in your home. By trapping these particles and keeping them from recirculating in the air, Airspire air filters can significantly reduce indoor air pollution and make your home healthier. Regularly replacing your air filter is important to ensure that it’s working properly and to maintain the highest level of air quality.

You can also reduce indoor air pollution by controlling the humidity level in your home and cleaning your surfaces frequently. With the right steps and an Airspire air filter, you can make your home a healthier, more comfortable place to live. Just another reason why Airspire should be your air filter home website!

What Is the Difference Between Air Filters and Air Purifiers for Home Use?

Air Filter Home – Air filters for home use and air purifiers for home use are two distinct products designed to improve the air quality in your home.

Air filters work by trapping and collecting airborne particles, such as dust, spores, and pet dander, as air passes through them and are part of your homes HVAC system.

On the other hand, air purifiers are individual units and work using air purification technology to remove airborne pollutants, such as smoke, odors, chemical fumes, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Air purifiers are typically more effective and efficient than air filters, providing a greater level of clean air than can be achieved with a furnace filter alone. Many of these air purifiers use a HEPA or ULPA filter and/or a UV light. These can cost thousands of dollars and the amount spent can add up fast.

For superior air quality in your home with budget in mind, consider buying an Airspire air filter before you invest in a purifier. If you’re currently using a fiberglass filter, you’ll be shocked home much better a MERV 8, MERV 11 or MERV 13 air conditioner filter will improve your indoor air quality. This is why Airspire should be your air filter home!

Air Filter Home